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Meet Alex: Civil Engineer

Meet Alex: Civil Engineer


Company: BASF


Job Title: Senior Technical Product Specialist


Job responsibilities: Alex is responsible for understanding the chemistry of the construction products that BASF produces and leveraging that knowledge to assist with a number of construction challenges. These challenges might include assistance with on site application and supervision, troubleshooting failed applications, providing recommendations for specifications, as well as participating and leading industry training/conferences. These responsibilities allow him to travel to locations all around North America, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to New York, Miami, LA, and anywhere in between.


Something cool: When Alex is not traveling for work, he and fiancé love to travel and explore for pleasure. They’ve recently traveled to Nashville, Niagara Falls, hiked the Columbia River Gorge, hiked Mt. Ranier, and just finished a 2 week long trip to Iceland, Munich, Dublin, and London. They also are fitness enthusiasts and both play in volleyball leagues 2 nights a week.  They also ran our first half marathon this last year!