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Tech Ranks Third Among Michigan Colleges With Highest-paid Grads

Tech Ranks Third Among Michigan Colleges With Highest-paid Grads

Michigan Tech ranks third among Michigan colleges with the highest paid graduates. A story published earlier this week on, used earnings data from the US Department of Education to show how much—in 2016 dollars— the average student earned 10 years after enrolling in an institution. 

The rankings include former students who are currently in the workforce and captures the earnings of graduates and students who dropped out. The rankings used annual tuition and fees for the 2016-17 academic year.

The data shows the average annual earnings of Tech grads ten years after enrollment is $66,000. The article goes on to say that more than 87 percent of Tech students earn more than $25,000 a year ten years after enrollment.

John Lehman, Michigan Tech's associate vice-president for Enrollment and University Relations says the recognition of our student's success is appreciated and deserved,

"By virtue of the 340 companies and organizations who brought 1,120 recruiters to this fall's Career Fair alone, we know our students are in high demand. It's good to know that those outcomes of a Michigan Tech education are recognized both statewide and by the US Department of Education."

Among the Michigan schools in the top 30 but ranked lower than Michigan Tech, were Michigan State, Lawrence Technical University, Wayne State, Central Michigan, Ferris State and Northwood.

Michigan Tech was the only Upper Peninsula institution in the top 30 in the MLive article.

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